How To Maintain An Asphalt Parking Lot

How to maintain asphalt parking lot

Asphalt is a widely used material for constructing parking lots, roads, and driveways, which can last up to 20 years when maintained well, providing a smooth driving surface. However, harsh weather conditions, frequent use, and lack of maintenance can gradually deteriorate the asphalt just like any other building material.

Learn more as we will discuss some essential tips on how to maintain an asphalt parking lot to ensure its longevity and safety in today’s post.


Regular Inspection

Regular inspections are a crucial first step in maintaining an asphalt parking lot. Check the surface for any cracks, potholes, or other damage. Also, inspect the edges and corners of the lot for erosion such as small holes or cracks.

Inspect the drainage system to ensure that it is functioning correctly. If the parking lot does not have a drainage system, it is essential to install one. Water on the surface of the asphalt will significantly reduce its lifespan.


Repair Cracks As Soon As Possible

Asphalt can develop cracks due to several reasons, such as harsh weather, excessive usage, and improper installation. It is crucial to fix these cracks promptly because they can widen and turn into potholes, posing a risk to pedestrians and motorists. Always address the problem as soon as it arises to avoid further damage.

To repair cracks, first make sure to clean the area and remove any debris. Next, fill the crack with a high-quality crack filler and then use a putty knife to smooth it out. Wait for the filler to dry before using the parking lot.


Sealcoat The Asphalt Surface

The process of sealcoating helps to safeguard the asphalt surface from harm caused by weather conditions, water, and UV rays; moreover, it prevents cracking and other potential forms of damage.

To maintain your asphalt parking lot, it is important to apply a sealcoat every two to three years. Before starting the process, make sure to thoroughly clean the area to remove any dirt or debris. You can apply the sealcoat using either a squeegee or spray system. Once done, allow sufficient time for it to dry before reopening the parking lot for use. Check out this link for affordable seal coating services.


Regular Sweeping And Cleaning

Another crucial tip for keeping your asphalt parking lot in good condition is to sweep and clean it frequently. Dirt, dust, and other debris can accumulate on the surface, shortening its lifespan. By cleaning the surface frequently, you can get rid of those particles and keep it clean and smooth.

Using a power washer can effectively remove tough stains and debris, but it is crucial to use the correct pressure and cleaning solution to prevent harming the asphalt surface.


Provide Adequate Drainage

To ensure that your asphalt parking lot lasts for a long time, it is important to have good drainage. If drainage is insufficient, water can pool on the surface and lead to erosion and potholes. To prevent this, you can either install a drainage system or make sure the surface slopes enough to allow water to run off.

Aside from that, the drainage system should be regularly cleaned to remove any debris or blockages that could cause water buildup. Blocked drains can cause serious damage to the asphalt surface, resulting in costly repairs.


Regular Resurfacing

When the asphalt surface starts to deteriorate, repairing individual cracks and potholes is no longer cost-effective. To fix this, resurfacing is needed; this involves removing the top layer of asphalt and replacing it with a fresh layer.

Resurfacing is an expensive process, but it is necessary to maintain the protection and longevity of the asphalt surface. It is important to schedule regular resurfacing to avoid extensive damage to the surface, which can be dangerous for drivers and pedestrians.


Regular Signage

Clear signage is crucial for parking lot safety; it helps to direct traffic and prevent accidents. To avoid confusion and congestion, use clear markings and signs to designate parking spaces.

It is important to have signs that are correctly positioned to alert drivers of potential hazards, such as speed bumps or pedestrian crossings. These signs should be easily visible and readable, even in low light or at night.


How A Professional Can Maintain Your Parking Lot Better

Regular maintenance tasks are essential for the upkeep of an asphalt parking lot. These tasks include cleaning, crack-filling, sealcoating, and resurfacing to keep the parking lot in good condition; however, they can be difficult and time-consuming.

Visit Arrow Asphalt’s office in OKC today as they have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your asphalt is properly cared for, preventing costly repairs in the future. They can also advise you on the best practices for maintaining your parking lot and ensuring its longevity. Contact their office today to arrange an appointment.


Final Word

All in all, to ensure that your asphalt parking lot stays in good condition and avoids costly repairs, it is necessary to perform routine maintenance activities such as cleaning, sealcoating, and resurfacing. Additionally, providing proper drainage and safety signage is essential; don’t forget to prioritize these maintenance tasks for a well-maintained parking lot.

And if you need assistance with maintaining your parking lot, contact a professional asphalt contractor today. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that your parking lot is properly cared for.

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